Cooking Classes with Epicure

20 Jan

Discover Flavour with Cooking Classes! Want to beat the winter blues? Can’t afford a winter getaway? Come explore the world with me as we discover the flavours of international cuisine! Learn to cook new, exciting dishes that not only taste amazing, but are healthy and easy to prepare. Italy, Greece, and Thailand are only a few stops on this adventure-filled itinerary!

Journey around the world with Monica and Epicure at her brand new cooking classes this February.

Upcoming Cooking Classes offered onWednesday evenings, from February 9 to March 9. Registration deadline is January 31. Sign up today!! What a great valentine gift for you and your spouse—5 date nights! Or a great night out meeting new people and enjoying great food together!
To register and find out the full Menu plan, contact Monica asap at the information below!

Discover Flavour! Cooking Classes. Want to beat the winter blues? Can’t afford a winter getaway? Come explore the world with me as we discover the flavours of international cuisine! Learn to cook new, exciting dishes that not only taste amazing, but are healthy and easy to prepare. Italy, Greece, and Thailand are only a few stops on this adventure-filled itinerary!


Dates: Wednesdays, February 9-March 9
Time: 7-9:30 pm
Location: Calvin Christian School, 547 West 5th St, Hamilton
Cost: $145/person ($29/night) or $195/couple ($39/night)
Hosted by: Monica deRegt, Senior Consultant, Epicure Selections

Price Includes:

  • All food and beverages each night
  • Cooking and Nutritional Instruction
  • Folder with recipe booklet
  • Sit-down dinner each night to enjoy our prepared meals
  • “Chef’s Selection” of Epicure products to take home
To register and find out the menu plan, contact Monica deRegt at 905-385-6697 Registration deadline is January 31. Maximum capacity: 10.

Woody’s Love Grenade

19 Jan

Good morning all! I’m up bright and early today and I thought for fun I’d post a quick highlight on something frivolous and fun. The other week we, Trevor and I, were shopping and stopped into my local beauty supply CosmoProf. While browsing, we discovered a new line of men’s products, Woody’s. We came across their new men’s body spray and decided to give it a try. One shot of the Woody’s Love Grenade …seconds later…SOLD!

This body spray is amazing…it’s ‘the bomb’! (get it, hehehe…love grenade) You will love it, your man will love it, his co-workers will love it, careful….the ladies will love it! It has a sweet, spicy, sexy smell all rolled into one. You can’t resist. It’s reasonably priced and well worth the search to find it in your local salon. (not sold in drug stores I don’t think)

So cheers to the Woody’s team! Well done, I am loving this new product!

Till next time…

Kimberley xx

P.S. if you have a teenager who uses ‘that other stuff‘ get him to try Woody’s and he will switch in a heartbeat! You’ll be a much happier Mom, guarenteed.

Curve ball

18 Jan

Does life ever just seem to throw you an unexpected curve ball? Out of the blue, something occurs and you are left standing there wondering what just happened? I’ve experienced that, and I am sure you have as well at some time or other. How did it make you feel? What did you do?

My first thoughts are usually surrounded by a feeling of shock and disbelief. Then as reality sinks in I sometimes feel a sense of panic and confusion, what do I do now? Then as I sit down and start to sort it out, and I talk to trusted friends or mentors I usually start to see things in a different view. I begin to find the positive side of this sudden occurrence. I look for how I can find ways to see the changes become a plus in my life and my family’s life. Perhaps I was happily trudging down a lane that was leading to nowhere and I couldn’t see far enough in the future to know I needed to turn around. Or perhaps I wasn’t really happy at all with the path that I was on and I needed a nudge to change direction. Can you relate?

Most often, when life has thrown me a curve ball, it worked out for the best in the end. My life changed course, sometimes drastically, sometimes subtly, and now when I reflect I can see how my life has improved because of that change. Some might call this karma or fate, others God’s plan, others the leading of a Higher Power. No matter what you believe, know that you too can survive life’s curve balls and change. There is a plan for your life and I believe that it is a good one. Trust that truth. Stand tall, lift up your chin and hold your head high and start again. Listen to your instincts and be mindful of change being a sense of renewal in your life, an opportunity to shake off what might have weighed you down and start fresh.

Yesterday was ‘blue Monday’ and stories about depression and downcast moods were all over the media. Today, let’s change our direction of thought and think about ‘positive Tuesday’.  Ask yourself, how can we be happy and productive? Yes it’s true, the bills are still arriving, and it’s grey and cold outside. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot find the cheerful side of life. The bills will always be there, and we cannot change the weather. What we do have control over is our selves, our outlook, our attitudes. That is where we can make change in our lives happen. It doesn’t happen over night, but rather little by little. Dedicate yourself to discovering one positive thing a day, then two, then three and so on. Before you know it you will have begun a new habit, one that is positive and brings you happiness. An ingrained habit is hard to break.

So here is to healthy and happy habits in your life. Here is to surviving life’s curve balls and looking for the positive spin on those unexpected changes that come our way. Here is to new beginning’s and new adventures.

Till next time….

Kimberley xx

The ‘Marketing Process’ and Lego blocks

17 Jan

Many of you might already know I have been diligently plodding through some fascinating business courses in my ‘spare-time’.  The topic of the semester for me is Marketing. As I begin this adventure we learn the basics, “the marketing process”. They remind me of building with Lego blocks as they discuss the 5 steps to know and understand.

We had a lively discussion in class last week about what we thought marketing was all about. It will be interesting to see how it compares to the thoughts we will have in our last class. Will we all be marketing genius’ by then? Probably not. I am looking forward to learning enough to grasp a brief analysis when I see marketing in the world around me and how I respond to it, or how I see others respond. I also hope to gain enough practical understanding to apply the basics…surely I can find a test market to practice with.

The most important first concept that I am learning, is that to succeed, being customer focused is the key to successful marketing. It is imperative to discover the needs, wants and demands of the customer and then offer them value, irresistible value, in your product or service. These are the big blocks at the bottom of the plan….or is it reverse, does it start with a single block being the customer and then build upwards and outwards like a pyramid or like Maslow’s Hierarchy? Either view leads to, or should lead to, the same desired outcome. That is to build profitable relationships which lead to profitable returns for the company and equally content and satisfied customers.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this course will be lots of fun (and a lot of work). I hope you will stick around to hear how the journey progresses. If you are a marketing professional or guru and you have words of wisdom to share or even just a tidbit of insight, I welcome your comments and feedback. Even if you aren’t in the marketing profession, I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time…

Kimberley xx

Epicure’s Extraordinary Cheese Dip

12 Jan

If you have never heard of Epicure Selections before today, stay tuned and you are going to find out why it is the latest, most delicious, craze to hit the market…and it’s Canadian!! Hooray!

I learned about Epicure Selections from my dear friend Kelly who invited me to a tasting party at her home about a month ago. I figured I’d go along to ‘be nice’ and support my friend, and hey, there would be good food and some fun friends too. Can’t be all bad, right?! By the end of the party I was so excited to host a party in my home. This stuff was good! I wanted to know more.

One of my first favorites was the Epicure’s Extraordinary Cheese Dip (a  hot dip).  Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm….doesn’t that just look scrumptious!?! It’s warm and cheesey and ooey, gooey, good!  The best part, it is so easy to make. If  you serve this at your parties, you better have a second one ready to warm up because your guests will certainly be looking for more! It is low in sodium and there is a “light” version of the dip as well so it is great tasting and good for you too!

This is the first delectable temptation that I am going to share with you. Visit again soon for more tips and treats! If you want to know more, you can visit the Epicure Selections web site or give me a shout and I am happy to hook you up with my very own personal consultant Monica who is able to answer all your questions.


Fold up the mystery fitted sheet

11 Jan

I am so excited to tell you what I just discovered on Facebook. When I stumbled upon this video post from Style at on how to fold a fitted sheet, I knew immediately that I had to share it with you on my blog. If you are anything like me, this chore has been a constant source of frustration, feeling like an ancient mystery, never to be mastered. Well, mystery solved! Check out how easy it is!!

How to fold a fitted sheet

Thanks Style at Home for sharing this video and thanks Peggy Byron of Au Lit Fine Linens in Toronto for teaching us how to fold the dreaded fitted sheet!!

Mmmm, my morning cuppa tea and me

9 Jan

Good morning! I am curious. How different are our morning routines to that of 20 years ago, or 50, or 100? I get up, shuffle downstairs sill in my jammies, head for the kettle and make myself a cuppa tea. Then off to the living room, curled up on the corner of my couch with my laptop, I check on the events of last night. Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, bringing me my tweets, updates, messages and letters.

Only a few years ago, we lived in such ignorance of what hundreds of our ‘friends’ did just last night. Now we are sorely disappointed if we don’t catch a glimpse of photo updates via their iPhone or Blackberry. We must have been miserable not having a way to tell the world that we had too much to drink, or our noses are runny and we are coughing up something green…or is it yellow, or we have the latest case of some disgusting G.I. upset requiring a bottle of Pepto Bismol. How did we ever survive? Surely we have made a valuable contribution to today’s society by sharing these personal little tidbits. Really?

I often wonder what might happen, if we would all spontaneously combust, if someone waved their magic wand and poof, social media just up and disappeared. Well, it’s not going to happen, we all love social media and telling the world our stories way too much. We are a social group of people. Thank goodness!

Even though we often seem to forget our “online filters” (me too) and share things we probably shouldn’t, social media is just another medium to bring us all a little closer together. It helps us learn about each other and our neighbours, close and far away. It brings us to another level of awakening and understanding. Social media connects us as fellow citizens living in and looking after our communities be they intimate or global.  We can respond to a need or fight an injustice, in our own town, or halfway across the world, in minutes and hours, and not days and weeks or even months.

That brings me to my last thoughts, and then I am going to need a refill on my cuppa tea. I am glad that we are able to connect like this, that we can share between us. I hope you will continue to drop in with your cuppa tea, or coffee, and see what is new at Kimberley’s Place. You can share your thoughts in the comments space, I’d love to hear from you…sniffles, coughs, and all.  Learning about each other brings us together to care for the world, directly around us and further. I look forward to learning about you.