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People like you

29 Apr

I recently attended my final class at McMaster University and walked away feeling a little numb. It has been a long journey, filled with so many challenges and countless hours spent on my little laptop into the wee hours of the night.  Now that I can say I have achieved the goal I set out to accomplish, faced with a bittersweet feeling, I am torn between elation and sadness that this chapter is over.  I found myself puttering around the house questioning what was next.

This last class was Integrated Marketing Communications and honestly, I wasn’t even sure why I chose to take it in the first place, other than I was curious. I wanted to know what IMC was and how it worked, but I wasn’t really sure what it was going to do to enhance my life or how I would ever find a use for it. As it turns out, this was the perfect class for me to take and I have not regretted a moment.

My teacher for IMC was Hilary Sadler. She is a dynamo! Hilary came prepared to teach and inspire and to cultivate skills and talents in each of us in the class. She was interactive, full of stories and knowledge and actively sought ways to bring out the best in her students. Hilary encouraged us to accept difficult challenges and not to back away or take an easier path. I know, without a doubt, that any who have encountered Hilary, either at school or at work, are blessed with her enthusiasm and brilliance in the field of marketing.  It is a true gift that she has developed and mastered and she openly shares her knowledge with passion, grace and humility. Her fervor in class urges you to want to succeed.

Our last gathering as a class was an informal gathering to chat about any last-minute questions and to pick up our exams and projects. Thank you Tanya for the scrumptious spread of goodies, how kind and generous of you.  The gathering was one-of-a-kind for me, as no other teacher had offered this type of closure or opportunity. It seemed right and necessary for me to attend and I am so glad I did. This class had obviously formed a bond. It was an amazing way to wrap up my time at McMaster and it further confirmed the value of the time I spent in all those classrooms.  I’d like to share the email that I sent to my classmates and teacher. It seems to sum up my experience in this IMC class as well as the other classes I attended and classmates I have befriended over the years.

“People like you, teachers and fellow students, are the very reason that I’ve been able to commit to attending courses at McMaster and finally complete my studies in Business. You collectively and individually inspire me. You teach me something new and exciting each time we meet. You challenge me to open my mind and eyes to new ways of thinking or viewing the world around me. You encourage me to reach higher and achieve new goals or dreams that I never thought possible. These lessons I will not forget.

So to each of you I say thank you. Thank you for the immeasurable value and inspiration that you have brought into my life. Continue on your varied paths, accepting the challenges set before you. Face your fears with defiance and confidence. Use the tools you have learned and conquer whatever stands in your way. Be fiercely proud of your accomplishments and hold your head high. Lend a caring hand to all that you encounter.
I wish you continued success and happiness in your journey of life.”
In the words of Albert Einstein, “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week

24 Apr

Greetings! Let’s have a little chat about Organ and Tissue Donation for tonight’s topic. For those of you who don’t already know, it is National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week. Did you know the following statistics:

  • it takes 4 donors a month to help someone with a blood disorder
  • 8 donors a week to help someone with leukemia
  • 5 donors to help a heart surgery patient
  • 50 donors to save a car accident victim

The need for donors is an ongoing need. If you sit for just a moment you will most likely be able to count a few people you know that have recently been in a situation that needs a blood donation. Cancer patients, surgery patients, transplant patients, car accident victims and so many more.

I will be truthful, I have not yet been brave enough to become a blood donor myself, but, recent personal events have encouraged me to overcome my deep-seated fear of needles to call and commit to making an appointment with the local Canadian Blood Services office to make a donation. My rationale is that if people who need these donations can bravely survive their serious medical troubles, I can surely get up the gusto to get over my fear and give a little help.

How about organ donation, have you signed your drivers licence and told your family members of your wishes? If not, now is a great week to have that all important discussion. Can there be any more beautiful or meaningful gift to give than the gift of life? Talk about it, and act on your decision this week. What a wonderful tribute to leave, a legacy of the person you are, caring and generous and selfless.

Find out more this week and talk about blood, organ and tissue donation with friends, family, and co-workers. Maybe you will join me in committing to give the gift of life today.

Cooking Classes with Epicure

20 Jan

Discover Flavour with Cooking Classes! Want to beat the winter blues? Can’t afford a winter getaway? Come explore the world with me as we discover the flavours of international cuisine! Learn to cook new, exciting dishes that not only taste amazing, but are healthy and easy to prepare. Italy, Greece, and Thailand are only a few stops on this adventure-filled itinerary!

Journey around the world with Monica and Epicure at her brand new cooking classes this February.

Upcoming Cooking Classes offered onWednesday evenings, from February 9 to March 9. Registration deadline is January 31. Sign up today!! What a great valentine gift for you and your spouse—5 date nights! Or a great night out meeting new people and enjoying great food together!
To register and find out the full Menu plan, contact Monica asap at the information below!

Discover Flavour! Cooking Classes. Want to beat the winter blues? Can’t afford a winter getaway? Come explore the world with me as we discover the flavours of international cuisine! Learn to cook new, exciting dishes that not only taste amazing, but are healthy and easy to prepare. Italy, Greece, and Thailand are only a few stops on this adventure-filled itinerary!


Dates: Wednesdays, February 9-March 9
Time: 7-9:30 pm
Location: Calvin Christian School, 547 West 5th St, Hamilton
Cost: $145/person ($29/night) or $195/couple ($39/night)
Hosted by: Monica deRegt, Senior Consultant, Epicure Selections

Price Includes:

  • All food and beverages each night
  • Cooking and Nutritional Instruction
  • Folder with recipe booklet
  • Sit-down dinner each night to enjoy our prepared meals
  • “Chef’s Selection” of Epicure products to take home
To register and find out the menu plan, contact Monica deRegt at 905-385-6697 Registration deadline is January 31. Maximum capacity: 10.

The ‘Marketing Process’ and Lego blocks

17 Jan

Many of you might already know I have been diligently plodding through some fascinating business courses in my ‘spare-time’.  The topic of the semester for me is Marketing. As I begin this adventure we learn the basics, “the marketing process”. They remind me of building with Lego blocks as they discuss the 5 steps to know and understand.

We had a lively discussion in class last week about what we thought marketing was all about. It will be interesting to see how it compares to the thoughts we will have in our last class. Will we all be marketing genius’ by then? Probably not. I am looking forward to learning enough to grasp a brief analysis when I see marketing in the world around me and how I respond to it, or how I see others respond. I also hope to gain enough practical understanding to apply the basics…surely I can find a test market to practice with.

The most important first concept that I am learning, is that to succeed, being customer focused is the key to successful marketing. It is imperative to discover the needs, wants and demands of the customer and then offer them value, irresistible value, in your product or service. These are the big blocks at the bottom of the plan….or is it reverse, does it start with a single block being the customer and then build upwards and outwards like a pyramid or like Maslow’s Hierarchy? Either view leads to, or should lead to, the same desired outcome. That is to build profitable relationships which lead to profitable returns for the company and equally content and satisfied customers.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this course will be lots of fun (and a lot of work). I hope you will stick around to hear how the journey progresses. If you are a marketing professional or guru and you have words of wisdom to share or even just a tidbit of insight, I welcome your comments and feedback. Even if you aren’t in the marketing profession, I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time…

Kimberley xx

CharityVillage Main Street

6 Jul

CharityVillage Main Street

via CharityVillage Main Street.

I chose to share this site with you because I have found it an information packed resource over the years of being involved with Non-profit organizations.  Charity Village has links to other organizations, education, library and resources, and so much more.  If you haven’t checked out all that this power packed site has to offer yet, I encourage you to do so now.  Bookmark it or add it to your Delicious collection and visit it often.  It is a true NPO community gem. Web Video Shows – YoungRetiredca

2 Jul Web Video Shows – YoungRetiredca

via Web Video Shows – YoungRetiredca.

Great idea for non-profits to take advantage of excellent professional advice and information! On the flip side, this is a fantastic opportunity for those stepping into retirement to stay involved and use their many talents and skills and knowledge for non-profits!!  Wow, this is a win-win for both parties.

Website Optimization: Using Website Grader for Marketing Success

27 Jun

Website Optimization: Using Website Grader for Marketing Success

via Website Optimization: Using Website Grader for Marketing Success.

Non-Profits Organizations are always concerned about cost! With that in mind, finding expert advice that is free is a fantastic way to enhance and grow your web pressence.  There are important webinars that you can take advantage of from excellent organizations such as HubSpot.  Take time to sit in and learn.