Woody’s Love Grenade

19 Jan

Good morning all! I’m up bright and early today and I thought for fun I’d post a quick highlight on something frivolous and fun. The other week we, Trevor and I, were shopping and stopped into my local beauty supply CosmoProf. While browsing, we discovered a new line of men’s products, Woody’s. We came across their new men’s body spray and decided to give it a try. One shot of the Woody’s Love Grenade …seconds later…SOLD!

This body spray is amazing…it’s ‘the bomb’! (get it, hehehe…love grenade) You will love it, your man will love it, his co-workers will love it, careful….the ladies will love it! It has a sweet, spicy, sexy smell all rolled into one. You can’t resist. It’s reasonably priced and well worth the search to find it in your local salon. (not sold in drug stores I don’t think)

So cheers to the Woody’s team! Well done, I am loving this new product!

Till next time…

Kimberley xx

P.S. if you have a teenager who uses ‘that other stuff‘ get him to try Woody’s and he will switch in a heartbeat! You’ll be a much happier Mom, guarenteed.


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