Mmmm, my morning cuppa tea and me

9 Jan

Good morning! I am curious. How different are our morning routines to that of 20 years ago, or 50, or 100? I get up, shuffle downstairs sill in my jammies, head for the kettle and make myself a cuppa tea. Then off to the living room, curled up on the corner of my couch with my laptop, I check on the events of last night. Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, bringing me my tweets, updates, messages and letters.

Only a few years ago, we lived in such ignorance of what hundreds of our ‘friends’ did just last night. Now we are sorely disappointed if we don’t catch a glimpse of photo updates via their iPhone or Blackberry. We must have been miserable not having a way to tell the world that we had too much to drink, or our noses are runny and we are coughing up something green…or is it yellow, or we have the latest case of some disgusting G.I. upset requiring a bottle of Pepto Bismol. How did we ever survive? Surely we have made a valuable contribution to today’s society by sharing these personal little tidbits. Really?

I often wonder what might happen, if we would all spontaneously combust, if someone waved their magic wand and poof, social media just up and disappeared. Well, it’s not going to happen, we all love social media and telling the world our stories way too much. We are a social group of people. Thank goodness!

Even though we often seem to forget our “online filters” (me too) and share things we probably shouldn’t, social media is just another medium to bring us all a little closer together. It helps us learn about each other and our neighbours, close and far away. It brings us to another level of awakening and understanding. Social media connects us as fellow citizens living in and looking after our communities be they intimate or global.  We can respond to a need or fight an injustice, in our own town, or halfway across the world, in minutes and hours, and not days and weeks or even months.

That brings me to my last thoughts, and then I am going to need a refill on my cuppa tea. I am glad that we are able to connect like this, that we can share between us. I hope you will continue to drop in with your cuppa tea, or coffee, and see what is new at Kimberley’s Place. You can share your thoughts in the comments space, I’d love to hear from you…sniffles, coughs, and all.  Learning about each other brings us together to care for the world, directly around us and further. I look forward to learning about you.


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