Good Neighbour Day

1 Sep

I am eager to tell you about a delightful community event that has occurred for more than a decade in our city.  Jean’s Flower Shop started “Good Neighbour Day”, 11 years ago, giving out 1 dozen free roses with the intention that you keep one and pass on 11 roses to a ‘neighbour’, whomever you so choose. 

#1, Brilliant marketing – 10, 000 free roses is a lot of word of mouth about a flower shop in one day! #2, this encourages people to share with each other, making your co-workers, friends, family, neighbours, or even a stranger you might give a rose to feel good and smile (hey, who wouldn’t smile when handed a beautiful rose just out of the blue).   #3, it’s a wonderful way to give back to their community as a local business. The event is one that has become anticipated by the local neighbourhood. Around Mid August as you drive by you start looking for the sign announcement and planning your time to work to include a quick stop in at Jean’s along the way.  They have also begun a food drive to give to Neighbour to Neighbour, the local community food bank.  So many people benefit from this wonderful event. 

You might be wondering why I am sharing this with you when I am ‘supposed’ to be talking about social media on this site.  It’s because I believe that this is a wonderful example of community building and year after year it develops and blossoms and affects more and more people in the community.  This is exactly what you can do with Social Media.  Use it to build and develop and blossom your local community.  Share, educate, support, build together and watch your business or organization grow, blossom and develop over time. 

I want to keep this post short and sweet, so I will just share one more comment and then close.  Remember this, as Ralph Waldo Emerson says “Earth laughs in flowers”


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