Thanks social media learnin’ 101

3 Jun

I am excited to share that I successfully completed a 2 day social media course, hosted by McMaster and facilitated by a leading Canadian public relations expert from Palette PR, Martin Waxman.  What a wonderful information packed two days we had exploring the exploding world of social media 2.0.  I would like to thank my fellow classmates and Martin for the positive and invigorating experience.  For certain I came away inspired and raring to put my new education to use. 

For those of you who are dabbling in the world of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (feel free to search me out and add me) to name a few popular models, I would tell you to jump on in, the water is hot!  Admittedly there are cautions you should take, privacy options you may wish to exercise and use your personal judgement about what content you choose to share and post.  Don’t let those things intimidate you from exploring and experiencing the amazing online communities that you can discover. 

Now that I have spread my wings and ingested the latest and greatest news about social media I am even more pumped for the upcoming conference that I am attending next week  in Toronto.  I had the most difficult time choosing sessions from the skilled line-up of presenters.  Why haven’t they come up with a way to sit in two places at once yet?  I am sure to have much more to share on the conference next week.

Thank you once again to Martin and his transparency over the past few days, sharing with us personal experience, valuable details and supporting our interest in social media.  For those who are looking for their personal experience on this topic, check out McMaster’s upcoming courses.


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